Our Process

Our network-driven approach allows us to execute client mandates with the efficiency of "Contingent Recruitment", yet the efficacy of "Executive Search".


Every new partnership or mandate begins with a call or, where appropriate, a meeting. This is our opportunity to really understand the requirements or the “why” of the hire(s) and get under the skin of the narrative behind the hire, as well the business. 

This is also the best opportunity to understand and consult on the job collateral, such as Job Descriptions, process and framework, any required way points or deadlines and boundaries of the search.

Talent Mapping & Search

As actively network-driven search and recruitment consultancy with over two decades combined experience in our markets, we can very often shortcut the timings of a full search through our live market & talent maps, however we are also big believers in finding the best person not just the next person and as such, each mandate comprises it’s own Search & Mapping phase to ensure we are giving each client as full a snapshot of the relevant talent pool as possible – not to mention as diverse an inclusive a snapshot as possible.

Engagement & Activation

The talent engagement phase, or ‘go to market’ as we like to call it, can be done in tandem with the Search & Mapping phase where appropriate so ensure we are maintaining the pace of delivery as required.

Interview & Selection

We will manage the logistics of both the interviewing and feedback cycles as well as candidate management.  We endeavour to ensure and facilitate a fair and inclusive process for all candidates that reflects your business values and priorities and respects your desired timeframes. We can provide support on how to approach the interviewing phase of a search with specific guidance on how best to structure an interview process for success, solutions aimed at reducing biases and optimising for DE&I in the process.

Offer & Onboarding

Drawing on our many years of experience successfully managing offer stages, we believe that the ‘offer’ process starts at the very first point of engagement, or at the very least post 1st-interview. 

We will manage this process from start to finish, staying close to both sides throughout to ensure any concerns are allayed across the process rather than a speed bump at the end so as to facilitate an offer that works for both parties to complete a successful process.

Beyond this, a number of our clients rely on our support for onboarding and beyond, which we are always happy to assist with, however we also understand some businesses have fairly tried and tested processes here.


Businesses we've worked with: