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We find you the best Private Equity Marketing Talent to help you grow.

We are Private Equity Recruitment specialists for ambitious PE firms looking to hire leading Marketing Talent.

Our Talent Search and Recruitment specialists can help find you the best Marketing Talent, worldwide.

Whether you have an established Marketing function looking to add specialist Talent or are looking for support in establishing a function, we’ll help you grow your Marketing team to drive business outcomes and portfolio support.

We recruit experienced candidates into Private Equity positions for various marketing roles from entry analyst level, management teams, all the way to C-suite and board level.

Businesses we've worked with:

At Sapio, our expert consultants in the Financial Services sector, including Private Equity, will always commit to understanding as much about your business as possible; you as an employer, the current deployment of the function, the specifics of the marketing role, and the ‘why’ of the hire.

Unlike typical marketing recruiters, we don’t fall into a numbers game focused solely on filling jobs as quickly as possible. Our aim is helping Private Equity firms and their portfolio build and grow the right marketing solution to support long term business objectives and horizons. 

Our in-depth recruitment process ensures that we’re best placed to find the Marketing professionals who best fit your business requirements. Whether that be someone with skills and experience in Investment Firms, Hedge Funds, Investor Relations, or an integrated marketer role, including digital Marketing, we will help you find the best person for your business not just the next person for role.

We provide fully-managed recruitment services and your consultant handles the hiring process from start to finish – utilising our expert private equity sector knowledge, unrivalled networks and relationships to source the best candidates, running initial CV screening to ensure we are proactive in putting applicants forward on a quality over quantity basis, and managing the interview and offer process.

We won’t stop until you’ve got the right person for the role to enhance your marketing team.

Private Equity Marketing roles we recruit for

As Private Equity recruiters, we specialise in finding top Talent to fill permanent positions within Private Equity Marketing roles. The range of roles we recruit for include:

In-house roles

Agency roles

Quick answers to your Private Equity Recruitment questions

While our headquarters are based in London and we work with many private equity firms in the City of London, we also provide recruitment for the industry across the UK, Europe, North America and APAC.

We work with UK private equity firms from the South-East to Manchester and up to Scotland.

North America, from California to New York via Austin and Toronto.

We have worked with businesses in mainland Europe including Paris, Berlin, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Milan and Zurich.

We have also partnered with firms across Asia Pacific including in India, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, mainland China and Australia, providing support to PE businesses, globally.

It’s hard to offer definitives around exact timelines without understanding more information specific to your search as there are a number of factors we can’t control (people’s diaries being one of them!).

However, 6 weeks is a good rule of thumb to allowfor the whole process of finding a top private equity PR professional.

This allows 1 week for us to do a good search to find and assess candidates for the role as we are always actively searching against the brief to ensure the best fit for your next hire versus those CVs we just have to hand. 

Typically, an interview process will then run over 3-4 weeks depending on number of stages – we would advise keeping this as compact and efficient as possible and so are happy to work to tighter time frames.

Finally, around a week from job offer to acceptance with a buffer for salary negotiation, contracts and referencing to complete your private equity talent acquisition.

We are able to and are experienced in working across all levels from entry level to senior positions like C-Suite, and provide recruitment across all marketing disciplines, but we find we are able to deliver the most value to our partners when you’re looking to hire private equity professionals with experience and knowledge of the private equity sector. 

We do work with graduates and passionate entry level candidates trying to get into the sector to progress their careers and are always happy to give them job opportunities and the time to help, given we feel we have an important role to play within the financial marketing industry. 

However, we find it better to open up our networks on a case by case basis in this endeavour, versus charging our partners a fee as a successful placement is harder to guarantee at this level. 

We want to focus on helping a diverse talent pool of entry level candidates access opportunities to roles within finance, instead of our fee being a barrier. 

We are always happy to discuss your recruitment requirements and how we can best help, so get in touch and if it’s not a solution we can provide in house, we’ll be sure to point you in the right direction. 

Simply put our process is Scope, Search, Engage, Interview and Offer but a little more detail on each of these aspects of our service can be found on OUR PROCESS page.

Beyond this, a number of our clients rely on our support for onboarding and beyond, which we are always happy to assist with throughout the process and afterwards, however we also understand some businesses have fairly tried and tested processes here. 

Like most recruiters, our fees are charged as a percentage of the first years’ compensation of the successful hire; however, the exact structure depends on several factors.

Given we work across a swathe of clients of differing sizes and shapes, industries and locations as well as distinct volume requirements, we understand that there isn’t one size fits all.

As talent specialists, we endeavour to be solutions orientated and design partnership terms based on each individual client for the best recruitment experience.

Our MO is to establish long lasting partnerships with the businesses we work with and be seen as their trusted PR, marketing and Comms recruitment experts, so charging the highest fee possible at every juncture is not in our nature. 

We work with our partners to ensure that our services are value-add rather than painful expenses and provide a long-term solution to talent challenges.

The fact is we offer all of the above; Contingent search (success based fee model); Retained search (strategic tailored search with an upfront commitment fee); and Exec search (specific to senior and strategic hires for very narrow talent pools).

All have merits when we recruit for private equity, but the truth is that without information as to your specific needs and requirements, and therefore the talent pool in question, it is hard to say which approach may be best for your business.

What we can say however, being MarComms specialists and industry experts, is that in our experience an iterative or contingent search model tends to be effective in around 70% of cases, particularly where exclusivity is agreed.

As ever, there isn’t one size fits all and so we endeavour to be adaptive to each client’s needs and priorities, and work closely with you and the challenges you face, to provide a strategy most likely to secure an efficient and successful outcome. 

What sets us apart from the typical recruitment agency is our proven track record and experienced team of marketing specialist consultants, who have deep knowledge of the wide range of industries in financial services and private markets, including within the private equity industry and venture capital firms.

We keep on top of the latest market trends, requirements, competitive salary guides, qualifications and qualities required so you can make the perfect hire who is ready to hit the ground running and help your business achieve the growth it deserves.

This makes us a leading private equity recruitment agency and search firm for your company to find talent across the financial industry. Thanks to our expertise and diligence, we’re efficient and tirelessly seek the best candidate to fill your job role. We won’t stop until we bring you success in your choice of candidate.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) is a topic that has consistently been discussed and pontificated around, but is still seen by some as a tick box exercise and has made little progress despite the noise.

At Sapio, we realise we have a key role to play in changing that and we actively work to increase DE&I in our sector by influencing some key areas.

Please see our DE&I page to find out how we’re helping to foster inclusive cultures that facilitate the success of ALL employees and businesses.

What some of our clients have said:


Sam Corn


Sam has over a decade’s experience in Recruitment and Talent Consultancy and brings a wealth of expertise in how to support both hiring and talent engagement in complex and nuanced talent markets….


Sam Corn


Sam has over a decade’s Recruitment and Talent Consultancy experience and brings a wealth of expertise in how to support both hiring and talent engagement in complex and nuanced talent markets.

He supports cross sector clients from the largest blue-chip corporates, both private and listed, to the most exciting high growth start ups and scale ups, as well as some of the world’s most reputable communications and global advisory consultancies. Sam’s network stretches from New York to Singapore via London and Hong Kong, across Financial Services and Private Equity, Financial Technology and Capital Markets. 

Sam also brings a deep expertise in wider Talent Consultancy focusing on Employer Branding, Talent Strategy, Talent Acquisition and Talent Retention. Over his decade in the industry Sam has supported client as they build, develop or refine their EVP, hiring processes and structures and employee experience.  

As a long time sports coach, Sam is acutely aware of the interplay between the ‘sum and its parts’ when it comes to team building. His approach balances the big picture strategy behind a specific hire, with the individual intricacies and building blocks necessary to making successful, long term partnerships.