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Businesses are consistently endeavoring for competitive advantage when it comes to driving market share and revenue. However, in today’s competitive Talent landscape it’s equally important that businesses also nurture a culture of driving competitive advantage in their hiring and employee retention, to marry with that growth.

We believe that creating competitive advantage in this highly competitive arena is all about evaluating and iterating, and the concept of marginal gains. Be analytical. Evolution not revolution. We’ve evolved our own in-house process to help businesses evaluate the framework around their hiring and employee retention and quantify the areas they need to improve and how to do so.

Hiring and retaining talent is not linear, but a never ending cycle, and we can help you create a best in class process.

Employer Branding

This is the red thread through the talent process derived of the narrative, values, mission and aesthetics around your business alongside the specific opportunities and challenges that come with working there. We are experts in helping businesses define theirs, whether starting from scratch or just evolving.

Talent Strategy

Talent Strategy is predominantly a proactive approach to Talent vs Recruitment, which can often be a more reactive approach to a short-term or specific need. Talent Strategy will likely consist of the planning and researching around Talent needs for both current challenges and future growth, and how to best execute for greatest success. We specialise across the spectrum of Talent Strategy and can support from start to finish across planning, data-capture and activation of projects.

Talent Search & Recruitment

The executional facet of the talent solution go-to-market strategy. It can be the actioning of your Talent Strategy or a more traditional recruitment solution, such as contingent or retained. Combining expert market knowledge and depth of network, we can advise on and execute more efficient, measurable Search processes and drive a higher quality talent pool.

Talent Acquisition & Evaluation

Given the increasingly candidate-driven nature of most Talent Pools, Evaluation and Acquisition has become a precarious balancing act of selling candidates on a role and your business, alongside evaluating if they are right for it. Sapio can support and advise not only on best practice, but also on real time market trends and strategies to turn this phase of the process into a stand-out strategy for highest probability of success.

Talent Retention

Not the ‘end of the process’ but rather a pro-active, integral part of the Talent Journey that can be the most effective element of a business's talent solution. We can advise on how best to join up Employer Branding and Retention Strategies to supercharge your market position, as well as onboarding strategies and leveraging alumni networks to ensure as many Employer Brand Ambassadors come out of the entire Talent Solution loop as possible.

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