PR, Communications & Digital Salary Guide: Agency 2024

We create our salary guides with the aim of them being as helpful and valuable as possible to the people we work with and the wider industry. We do this by using data, not our opinions or assumptions, and removing the obligatory 20 pages of marketing grandstanding that usually precedes the all important salary info.

We create the Sapio Salary Guide by aggregating current available and relevant salary data, across both internal and external sources, to show salary remuneration brackets and market average salaries across all job titles for our core verticals; Corporate, Financial, B2B Tech, Public Affairs, Healthcare and Digital Marketing. Please be aware that salary brackets are aggregated to the lowest common denominator so as to be inclusive of the far ends of the spectrum, but do not constitute a suggested starting salary for each level. Furthermore, whilst we endeavour to ensure our UK guide is as broad and inclusive as possible, the majority of our data is London centric.

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Corporate Communications 2024 Salary Guide

B2B Tech Communications 2024 Salary Guide

Financial Communications and Financial Services 2024 Salary Guide

Public Affairs and Policy 2024 Salary Guide

Healthcare Communications 2024 Salary Guide

Digital Marketing Communications 2024 Salary Guide

Our Key takeaways :

Most sectors have seen incremental increases across salary brackets and average salaries since our last review of the data in 2023, but not all. Below are a couple of our own observations;

Pandemic echoes on:

We’re still seeing the ripples of the pandemic in the data as the waves of those economic trends continue to gently push salaries up – most notably in Healthcare, Public Affairs and Corp Comms given the increased demand for services in those areas.

Cost of living inflating salaries, a bit:

The data also shows the continuing cost of living crisis leading to slight increases in salaries. This is more visible at the average salary point vs the book ends of the salary brackets and anecdotally has been led by those agencies keen to do right by their people, and the rest of the landscape having to follow-suit to retain talent.

Not a techceptional year:

After a large wobble across the funded landscape in summer 2022 created a domino effect, 2023 was a bit of a tricky year for Tech and it’s siblings – read VC/ High Growth etc. Unfortunately, that leads the data to show Tech as one of the only sectors to pretty much stay the same, if not take a slight step backwards, on the salary front for this year.

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